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          MX100T Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源

          MX100T Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源

          如果你感興趣的話,可以電話:0755-33217630 33217631

          產品名稱:MX100T Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源




          Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T價格:Bench/System DC Power Supply, Multi-Range, Digital Control Triple Outputs, 3 x 35V/3A 315W, No Interfaces

          MX100T Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源的詳細介紹

          Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T
          Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源
          Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源
          Aim-tti 三路輸出穩壓電源
          Bench/System DC Power Supply, Multi-Range, Digital Control Triple Outputs, 3 x 35V/3A 315W, No Interfaces
          • Three high performance outputs each with full functionality
          • Range switching gives variable voltage/current combinations
          • Shared power mode provides double power from a single output
          • Low output noise and ripple via linear final regulation
          • High setting resolution of up to 1mV and 0.1mA
          • Variable OVP and OCP trips on all outputs
          • 50 setting memories per output plus 50 linked memories
          • Selectable voltage tracking (isolated tracking)
          • Selectable current meter averaging
          • Switchable remote sense capability
          • Graphic LCD provides simultaneous output metering
          • Numeric or spin-wheel control of all parameters
          • Individual or combined output on/off control with
          • programmable delay sequencing.
          • 3U half-rack case for bench or rack mounting
          • GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces (-P models)
          • Duplicate power & sense terminals at rear (-P models)

          MX100T and MX100TP:

          • 315 watts total power
          • Three outputs of equal power, each capable of 35V at 3A
          • Range switching provides up to 70 volts and up to 6 amps
          Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T價格:
          The MX100T differs from most other triple output power supplies in having three outputs of equal power, each with the ability to provide 0 to 35V at 0 to 3A.

          Each output features simultaneous high resolution metering, switchable remote sense, and an individual output switch.

          Mixed-mode regulation To provide its impressive power density the MX series combines high frequency switch-mode pre-regulation with linear post-regulation to offer performance that comes close to that of an all-linear design.

          Excellent line and load regulation is matched by low noise and good transient response.

          Range switching and power control range combination chartTo increase its ability to match a variety of applications, each output has more than one range.

          Outputs one and two can provide 16V/6A as an alternative to 35V/3A, while output three can provide 70V/1..

          When higher power is required, outputs two and three can be combined internally to provide up to 210 watts as either 35V/6A or 70V/3A from a single output. Remote control for system applications interfaces graphicThe MX100TP incorporates USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces.These provide full remote control and read-back capabilities and are supported by an IVI driver for high level language applications. Duplicate power and sense terminals are incorporated at the rear.The compact half-rack 3U size uses  front input ventilation which enables vertical and horizontal stacking without the need for additional ventilation space. A 3U rack mount suitable for one or two units is available.
          Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T價格:
          OUTPUT 1
          Ranges Range 1 - 0V to 35V at 1mA to 3A;
          Range 2 - 0V to 16V at 1mA to 6A
          Operating Mode Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over and mode indication.
          Voltage Setting By direct numeric entry or quasi-analogue rotary wheel; resolution 1mV.
          Current Setting By direct numeric entry or quasi-analogue rotary wheel; resolution 1mA.
          Setting Accuracy Voltage - 0.05% of reading ± 3mV;
          Current - 0.3% of reading ± 3mA to 3A, 0.5% of reading ± 3mA to 6A
          Setting Stores Up to 50 set-ups can be saved and recalled via the keyboard (or the digital interfaces on MX100TP).
          Load regulation <0.01% +5mV (CV mode) for any load change using remote sense.
          Line regulation <0.01% +5mV (CV mode) for a 10% line voltage change.
          Ripple & Noise Typically <0.5mV rms, <5mV pk-pk, 1mV rms max. (20MHz bandwidth).
          Transient Response <100us to within 50mV of set level for 5% to 95% load change.
          Over Voltage Trip Settable 1V to 40V in 0.1V steps
          Over Current Trip Settable 0.1A to 7A in 0.01A steps
          Sensing Selectable local or remote sensing.
          Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T價格:
          OUTPUT 2
          Ranges Range 1 - 0V to 35V at 1mA to 3A;
          Range 2 - 0V to 16V at 1mA to 6A
          Range 3 - 0V to 35V at 1mA to 6A* (available when output 3 is disabled)
          Operating Mode Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over and mode indication.
          Voltage Setting By direct numeric entry or quasi-analogue rotary wheel; resolution 10mV.
          Current Setting By direct numeric entry or quasi-analogue rotary wheel; resolution 10mA.
          Setting Accuracy Voltage - 0.1% of reading ± 10mV;
          Current - 0.3% of reading ± 3mA to 3A, 0.5% of reading ± 3mA to 6A
          Setting Stores Up to 50 set-ups can be saved and recalled via the keyboard (or the digital interfaces on MX100TP).
          Load regulation <0.01% +5mV (CV mode) for any load change using remote sense.
          Line regulation <0.01% +5mV (CV mode) for a 10% line voltage change.
          Ripple & Noise Typically <0.5mV rms, <5mV pk-pk, 1mV rms max. (20MHz bandwidth).
          Transient Response <100us to within 50mV of set level for 5% to 95% load change.
          Over Voltage Trip Settable 1V to 40V in 0.1V steps
          Over Current Trip Settable 0.1A to 7A in 0.01A steps
          Sensing Selectable local or remote sensing.

          OUTPUT 3
          Ranges Range 1 - 0V to 35V at 1mA to 3A;
          Range 2 - 0V to 70V at 1mA to 1.
          Range 3 - 0V to 70V at 1mA to 3A* (available when output 2 is disabled).
          Operating Mode Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over and mode indication.
          Voltage Setting By direct numeric entry or quasi-analogue rotary wheel; resolution 10mV.
          Current Setting By direct numeric entry or quasi-analogue rotary wheel; resolution 1mA.
          Setting Accuracy Voltage - 0.1% of reading ± 10mV;
          Current - 0.3% of reading ± 3mA
          Setting Stores Up to 50 set-ups can be saved and recalled via the keyboard (or the digital interfaces on MX100TP).
          Load regulation <0.01% +5mV (CV mode) for any load change using remote sense.
          Line regulation <0.01% +5mV (CV mode) for a 10% line voltage change.
          Ripple & Noise Typically <0.5mV rms, <5mV pk-pk, 1mV rms max. (20MHz bandwidth).
          70V range - typically <1mV rms, <10mV pk-pk, 1.5mV rms max.
          Transient Response <100us to within 50mV of set level for 5% to 95% load change.
          Over Voltage Trip Settable 1V to 80V in 0.1V steps
          Over Current Trip Settable 0.1A to 3. in 0.01A steps
          Sensing Selectable local or remote sensing.

          Output Protection
          External Voltage Output will withstand forward voltages of up to 50V (O/Ps 1 and 2) or 80V (O/P 3). Reverse protection by diode clamp, 3A max.
          Fault Trip The output will be shut down if a trip conditions listed below occurs. OVP or OCP Exceeding over-voltage or over-current settings for the output.
          Over Temperature Monitors internal temperature rise to protect against excess ambient temperature or blocked ventilation slots.
          Sense Error Monitors the voltage between the remote sense terminals and output terminals to protect against mis-wiring.

          Output Terminals Universal 4mm safety binding posts on 19mm (0·75”) spacing at front. Screw terminals at rear (MX100TP only).
          Terminals can accept fixed shroud 4mm plugs, standard 4mm plugs, fork terminals and bare wires.
          Sense Terminals Sprung loaded screw-less terminals at front. Screw terminals at rear (MX100TP only).

          Individual On/Off Individual keys for each output. On state indicated by key illumination.
          Multi-On/Multi-Off Separate keys enable any combination of outputs to be turned on or off either simultaneously (default) or with timed delays from 10ms and 20s. Delayed operation indicated by flashing key illumination.

          The power supply can be set so that the voltage of an output is automatically set equal to that of another output and tracks any changes.
          Tracking Modes None, V2 tracks V1, V3 track V2, V2 and V3 both track V1.

          Individual Output Memories:
          No. of Stores 50 per output
          Parameters Stored Range, Set Volts, Set Current, OVP, OCP
          linked Output Memories:
          No. of Stores 50
          Parameters Stored Range, Set Volts, Set Current, OVP, OCP (for all three outputs)

          METERING (each Output)
          Meter Function 5 digit voltage and current meters (O/P 1), 4 digit voltage and current meters (O/Ps 2 & 3). Simultaneous display of actual and set values.
          Meter Resolution 1mV/0.1mA (O/P 1), 10mV/1mA (O/Ps 2 & 3).
          Meter Accuracy As per setting accuracy (CV mode).
          Additional Metering Functions V x A Calculated power in watts. Resolution 0.01Ohms. Accuracy 0·5% ± 3 digits
          Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T價格:
          The MX100TP offers full remote control and read-back using USB, RS-232, GPIB or LAN (compliant with LXI). All interfaces are at ground potential and opto-isolated from the output terminals.
          RS-232 Standard 9-pin D connector.
          USB USB 2.0 connection (backwards compatible with USB 1.x). Operates as a virtual COM port.
          GPIB (IEEE-488) The interface conforms with IEEE-488.1 and IEEE-488.2.
          Ethernet (LAN) Standard 10/100 base-T hardware connection. ICMP and TCP/IP Protocol for connection to Local Area Network or direct connection to a single PC.
          LXI Compliance LAN interface is compliant with LXI core 2011. (LXI is the abbreviation for LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation).
          Programming Speed:
          Command Delay Typically <100ms between receiving the command terminator for a step voltage change at the instrument and the output beginning to change.
          Output Response:
          Range Direction 90% Load No Load Direction 90% Load No Load
          16V/6A Up 10ms 10ms Down 10ms 350ms
          35V/3A Up 10ms 10ms Down 35ms 550ms
          35V/6A Up 10ms 10ms Down 20ms 550ms
          70V/3A Up 25ms 12ms Down 60ms 600ms
          The above figures are indicative only and will be affected by load capacitance.
          Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T價格:
          IVI Driver An IVI driver for Windows is supplied. This provides support for common applications such as LabView*, LabWindows*, HPVEE* etc.
          USB Driver An installation file is supplied which calls a standard Windows* USB driver.
          * LabView and LabWindows are trademarks of National Instruments.
          * HPVEE (now Agilent VEE) is a trademark of Agilent Technologies.
          * USB interface is supported for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (including 64 bit versions).
          Windows is a trademark of Microsoft.
          Aim-tti MX100T直流穩壓電源,MX100T價格:
          AC Input 110V to 240V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz. Installation Category II.
          Input Power 500VA max.
          Temperature & Environmental:
          Operating Range +5oC to +40oC, 20% to 80% RH
          Storage Range -40oC to + 70oC
          Environmental Indoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2.
          Cooling Intelligent variable-speed fans.
          Safety & EMC:
          Safety Complies with EN61010-1
          EMC Complies with EN61326
          Size 212 x 130 x 375mm (WxHxD) (half rack x 3U height)
          Weight 4.8kg (MX100T); 4.9kg (MX100TP).
          Rack Mount 19 inch rack mount for one or two power supplies.


          現貨Aim-TTi CPX400DP臺式直流電源
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          英國ttiQPX1200S直流穩壓電源英國tti QPX1200S直流穩壓電源:Bench/System DC Power Supplies, PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulated Single Output, 60V/50A 1200W PowerFlex, USB/RS232/LAN/GPIB Interfaces


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